We started this site in December of 2007 from the idea to group the results by the year and show people who offers parts for Camaros. I wanted to create a directory of suppliers
    of parts and accessories for the Camaro and Mustang, Americas most popular pony cars! I also want to simplify the process as much as possible so when you click on a link, you are
    taken right to the catalogue page for that year vehicle.
    We searched the web for sites that we could link to directly, and for ones that had a user friendly and easily navigable web site and parts catalogue. I found some other companies
    but think that the catalogues and navigation are horrible. Also there are websites that add "Camaro parts" to their tags so they get the search results, even though they have
    nothing to do with parts at all! We get rid of that for you!
    I continue to update some of the keywords and also add links as I see fitting. If you know of a good supplier that has an easily accessible catalogue and easy catalogue navigation,
    then please tell us about it and we will look at it and possibly add the link to the respected year/years.
    We look forward to showing you the best suppliers for parts and accessories for all years of production for the Chevrolet Camaro.
Yes it's fast! No you can't drive it!
Worcester Summer Nationals 2003!
It's a Firebird that was damaged from a fire that i want to do a
still see the crosshatch marks from the recently rebuilt bores.
the tops of the cylinder bores are champhered to allow use of the large valve heads on the HO 350 engines.
freshly painted with the 4 barrel intake sitting on it cause I didn't have the 4 barrel carb yet.
the timing tape looked good for a little while but didn't last.
these headman headers were not supposed to hit the shifter linkage!
This is with the original 2 barrel carb and intake.
New upper control arm bushings and fresh satin black paint!

    My 1969 Pontiac Firebird Convertible was damaged from the PAWTUCKET Mill Fire on 11/14/2003. The fire started in a mill building that was being
    demolished to put up a supermarket and was owned by Churchill and Banks LLC, or its affiliate Cottage plaza Associates. There was no electricity to the
    building and the workers were said not to be using torches, although some witnesses thought that they saw sparks. There wasn't any lightning that day and  it
    seems to be a mystery how the FIRE started because the Fire Marshall could not determine how it started. This property was not properly secured and
    patrolled in my opinion and also in other peoples opinions. If it had been "secured" and "fenced in", then we could rule out intruders starting the fire. Had it
    been "patrolled" then maybe the fire dept could have been notified sooner. There was a security patrol on the property, but for some reason they stopped it
    "before the day of the fire"!
    My property was damaged on my property, from someone else's property that was damaged from someone else's property. So who should pay? Me because
    I didn't have insurance? I DON'T THINK SO! Them because it was their property that started this whole thing?  YES,YES,AND YES! What about all of the
    other victims that lost everything? I'll bet that something was said to the Fire Marshall about not declaring this fire as arson to save the state money! If the Fire
    Marshall said it was arson, then all of the people affected would be compensated through the State Victims Indemnity Funds and that would have cost our tiny
    little corrupt state MILLIONS!
    We had a bad fire in this state that took the lives of 100 people and changed the lives of thousands. This fire set the standard for occupied building safety in
    our state, but what about the unoccupied buildings? They can hurt people just as much! My other beef that I have is with our legal system! If I was to go to
    trial in my lawsuit against them, then I would have to pay for the expert witnesses to appear at trial. Also, if I won this trial then they could appeal the decision
    and it could drag on for years and years. If i won, and they lost the appeals then I am entitled to 12% interest on my loss, but the lawyer would get a cut of
    that too! What does someone do? They settle out of court. I wish that I didn't, but I got sick of waiting.
    I think that Churchill and Banks sucks, and Lynch Construction sucks and Coventry Building Wrecking sucks. They could have something to do with this, a
    worker might have tossed a cigarette out, you just don't know. Remember that it only takes one bad pea to spoil the soup!
    If your car gets hit in the back bumper and damages it, but you already had some scratches in it, then the insurance company  would pay to fix it like new.  My
    car got scratched ALL OVER from all the roofing shingles that bombarded it and they should fix it! I'm not looking to get rich from this, I just want my car
    fixed! There's also something called diminished value that should also be considered here, and the value of the car is definitely diminished, don't you agree?
    I say that I should be compensated for the damages to my car.  Someone quoted me as being a" HATER"  because of this. Well, yes I am, but try to think
    about if it was you and your car, how would you feel?
    I was quoted in the Providence Journal Bulletin in saying that "there are alot of things more important than that car that could have been lost". It's a
    good thing that we didn't lose any lives. I'm not a jerk, especially being quoted on the night of the fire and showing concern for other things while not knowing
    if my apartment was going to catch on fire too!
    I also want to say "Thank you" to all the firefighters and police officers that risk their lives every day for us. The firefighters did a phenomenal job
    that day and didn't let my apartment catch on fire. There was also an off-duty police officer that restrained me when I first saw the fire cause I was in a state of
    shock knowing that 15 houses were already ablaze and that mine could be next, especially seeing the flames blowing over my house from the 40 MPH winds
    that day!
    I'm interested in your thoughts and comments so please contact me!
    If you want to help, please donate.
    You can prevent fires by thinking twice, don't risk a firefighters life. Be careful with electricity,lighters,matches,cigarettes,and all flammables!
I wanted to post some of the photos of "The Auto Show" or "Auto Show Volvo" as we knew it. It was a great place to work at,
and to be the one that had to empty it so it could be sold was pretty tough. I took some pics before I left for my own
memories, but I decided to share them with all of you.

The photos are not the highest quality, but will open in a new window when you click on them.

In posting these I would like to say "THANK YOU" to Ted and Betty Leonard for creating the best dealership to work for. All of
the years that this dealer was awarded the "Volvo Dealer Of Excellence award" shows that they were committed to satisfying
the customer.

They treated their employees good and I feel that happy employees are the key to a good business! I never heard any
employee call it a CFOEP Cluster Fu_k Of Epic Proportions like I've heard another dealership referred to as!
Auto show Volvo pictures!
Getting my 69 Camaro ready to be  painted.
My 1969 Camaro 6 cyl 230 CI with a T350 tranny numbers matching X11 car.
My 69 olympic gold Camaro with ivory interior,bucket seats with console and dealer installed clock and radio delete.
My 69 Camaro
69 camaro and 69 firebird Convertible. Mine and hers.
This 69 Firebird was hers, but now it is mine.
this house is about a half of a mile from the pawtucket mill that caught on fire on November 14 of 2003. 18 houses caught on fire that day.
the chimney from the house fell on this 69 firebird.
pawtucket mill fire should have been prevented.
This is
me and
the wife
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Then in 2003 we had a huge mill fire that burned 18 homes in my neighborhood with the picture to the right being one of them. If
you click on the picture it will enlarge and then you, can zoom in on the car just to the left of that house. Thats my 69 Firebird
convertible, the same one in the photo
above the house picture!
My  Olympic Gold X11 69 Camaro and the wife's 69 Firebird Convertible before the PAWTUCKET mill fire
This is what I came home to after being evacuated from the neighborhood for the night. I was working on the
engine and had the top end apart to fix/replace  a sticky lifter. I had to leave the car like that until  the lawsuit
against Churchill and Banks was settled.
Here's my thoughts on the lawsuit  and the B/S that I
had to go through!
Here are some photos of what I could manage to do
with the money to get the car back up and running
once the lawsuit against Churchill and Banks
settled. Let me tell you that they are my least
favorite Company in this whole country. All I
wanted was enough to get my car back in the
condition that it was in before the fire.
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