1. USEDCARS.COM  connects you
    with the best selection of used cars
  2. CARS-ON-LINE.COM has alot of
    Camaros listed for sale and clicking
    on the link will bring you to the list
    that is about 100 Camaros for sale
    listed. This site is awesome!
  3. TRADINPINKS  is a site that I just
    found that has rides for sale and
    rides to trade. There is also a
    TOOLS and PARTS section for all of
    you motorheads out there.
  4. AUTO TRADER Has alot of Camaros
    for sale listed as well as other
    Chevrolet vehicles. Narrow this
    search by  the year of your choice
    and model of Chevy of your choice,
    but I know that the model that you
    will choose will be the CAMARO!
  5. OODLE  has a s_it load of Camaros
    and all kinds of other stuff on this
    really cool site. I just searched for
    hours looking for a nice 4x4 ATV,
    and it is like a huge garage sale
    website with oodles of things for
    sale! This link will take you to the
    search term of Camaro and the
    whole country as the distance.
  6. SEMASAN is  {SEMA ="Specialty
    Equipment Manufacturing
    Association"} {SAN= "SEMA Action
    Network"} and when you put the two
    together you get one BADASS
    network of people that stand
    together for our automotive hobby.
    They just came out with something
    called the tag and title toolbox that is
    full of  information about codes and
    statutes providing guidance on titling
    and registering unique vehicle
    classes. Information on specific
    equipment and emissions
    exemptions for different types of
    specialty vehicles. And there are also
    some printable forms and
    publications necessary to register
    and title your vehicle. All this is also
    sorted by the States! I LOVE IT!
  7. MERSHONS has alot of Camaros
    listed as well. They also have other
    makes and models too! This is
    another great site for finding a
    Camaro for sale.
  8. GM SALVAGE YARD has a section
    for first gen Camaro parts and  
    second gen Camaro parts and third
    gen Camaro parts. They also have
    some cars for sale. This is a real nice
    website for a salvage yard in
    California so click on it and you
    should like it!
  9. HEMMINGS has Camaros listed too!
    They are my personal favorite. This
    link goes to all Camaros for sale, but
    there are more makes and models
    and plenty of other great articles
    about classic and antique cars and
    trucks, as well as resources on them
    and tips about buying!
  10. AUTO SOURCE has Camaros for
    sale and some of them are insurance
    totals or rebuildable  and restorable.
    The prices are really good, like I wish
    that I had the money for that one
    and that one and that one too!   
    bunch of Camaros for sale!
  12. CRAIGSLIST Has plenty of Camaros
    for sale and plenty of Camaro parts
    too. Click on your state then click on
    cars and trucks and then put
    "Camaro" in the search box and set
    your maximum price. Then click
    "SEARCH". You can even check
    states that are close to you.
  14. SPECIAL INTEREST   has alot of
    special interest vehicles and parts for
    sale. All makes and models can be
    listed and the vehicles are listed by
    year then alphabetically which
    makes searching very easy. This is
    mostly in the Northeast from
    Maryland to Maine! They do have
    Camaros listed and also have
    Camaro parts car and Camaro parts.
  15. CLASSIC CARS  Has the most
    Camaros listed that we have seen on
    one site. 100's of Camaros for sale.
    1967 Camaro for sale, 1968 Camaro
    for sale, 1969 Camaro for sale,1970
    Camaro for sale, 1971 Camaro for
    sale,1972 and 1973 Camaro for sale.
    1974 and 1975 and 1976 and 1977
    and 1978 Camaro for sale. 1979 and
    1980 and 1981 and 1982 Camaro for
    sale, 1983 and 1984 and 1985 and
    1986 and 1987 and 1988 Camaro for
    sale. 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993
    1994 Camaro for sale. 1995 1996
    1997 1998 1999 Camaro for sale.
    2000 2001 2002 and 2010 Camaro
    for sale.   
    We just found some awesome deals
    on some rust free Arizona cars for
    sale including a bunch of Camaro for
    sale ads. Are you looking for a
    Camaro for sale then check out the
    deals that they have!  
  17. EVERYCARLISTED.COM is one of
    the newest classified ads that are
    online so try them for a Camaro for
    sale or any car at everycarlisted!
    alot of muscle cars and Corvettes
    and some really nice Camaros for
    sale. With the inventories changing
    frequently, come back and try them
    of collectable Camaros and other
    cars too that are priced right with
    now being the time to buy a
    collectable vehicle because prices
    are low.
  20. DUFFY'S The name is very well
    known among the collector car
    market and their vehicles for more
    than 25 years and they inspect and
    decode all their collectable cars and
  21. NAPOLI CLASSICS Is in Milford
    Connecticut and is also very well
    known for their classic car inventory.
  22. MERSHONS has a few Camaros in
    their ad that we saw in HEMMINGS
    so we decided to include them here.
    They had a beautiful ad with alot of
    beautiful cars so check out all of
    their beautiful cars!
    Manchester New Hampshire with
    some very nice classic and muscle
    cars and more. The prices are
    awesome which is why the inventory
    is always changing so check them
    out by clicking on the link or even
    take a trip up there and see for
  24. WAGNER'S Has street rods and
    classics and muscle cars for you and
    me to go see. I would love the
    'CUDA so go there and buy it for me
    because you know that you can
    afford it.(I'm sorry, I was dreaming
    there for a few seconds as I was
    writing) You can really afford it so
    buy it for yourself, they have
    payment options I'm sure!
  25. Deals on Wheels   is part of auto
    trader classics that has alot of Chevy
    Camaros for sale listed. They also
    have tons of great deals on project
    cars of all makes and years!
    showing a twin turbo 2010 Camaro
    for sale  and has some interesting
    other vehicles also.
  27. HASTYSCARCOUNTRY has a few
    Camaros for sale at this time, but
    inventory is always changing at
    dealers like these so you better
    check now!
  28. MAPLE MOTORS has some of the
    best prices on classic cars that we
    have seen in a long time. You won't
    find many places with classic cars
    under $10,000. CHECK THEM OUT!
  29. SPARKYS MACHINES has alot of
    beautiful muscle cars, hot rods,
    restomods and classics. As of this
    writing, We saw a 69 RS SS Camaro
    for sale there that looks awesome!
    alot of cars that are priced great. If
    we had the money we would but a
    few of the ones that are under
    $15,000 because they look
    awesome. They have some really
    nice pictures and are located not too
    far from us in Maryland.
  31. AUTO ROUNDUP is an awesome old
    car for sale magazine publication
    that also has cars and parts. I say
    that you should get a subscription
    and read it any time cause it's kinda
    small compared to a normal
    magazine and can be put in some
    inconspicuous places like between
    the seat of the car and the console
    or my favorite is the bathroom! This
    link will bring you to the search
    section, so just insert your favorite
    year or just the name Camaro. My
    Camaro search got me 67 results.
  32. OLD CAR ONLINE is another
    GREAT website for the car lover like
    me! I just did a "Camaro" search and
    got 238 matches. Check it out and
    you might find your dream Camaro
    for sale.
    plenty of Camaros waiting to be
    restored that you can get for cheap
    money. Check them out for other
    models as well like Novas,
    Chevelles, Corvettes and even
    Corvairs and Impalas &more!
  34. LIBERTY CLASSIC CARS has lots of
    cars for sale so check them for your
    next ride.
    lots of awesome rides listed. If you
    are near North Carolina, then you
    can pick up what you bought without
    having to pay for shipping cause that
    is where they are! I am from the
    Northeast, but I'd drive there with
    trailer in tow if i could afford another
    ride! Check them out!
Volvo 145 OEM left rear
quarter panel for sale,
Volvo 145 quarter panel
for sale part #
1203199-3 or #

Volvo 144 OEM left rear
quarter panel for sale,
Volvo 144 quarter panel
for sale part #
1213423-5 or #
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69 Firebird convertible damaged by bricks from chimney falling and roof shingles that came from house fire caused by Pawtucket mill fire.
32 Willard St.
Pawtucket, R.I.
This is a picture of what I came home to the day
after the PAWTUCKET Mill Fire in 2003. 18 homes
caught on fire that night, all of which could have
been prevented!
I want the car above to have a paint job like the one
that's below, as a way of saying thanks to all the
firefighters that risk their lives for us on a daily
basis! Damaged from a fire, then brought back to
life,  then caught on fire and then put out by
Firefighters say that
"stupidity is our job security".  
Whenever someone sees the car I want them to
remember to think twice " don't risk a firefighters
life because of stupidity".