Nice bodies at Syracuse Nationals 2010
chicks in bikinis on parade
bikini babe
2 69 Firebirds at Putnam tri state cruisers cruise night
chicks in bikinis
pretty girl in bikini in mustang
These are all photos that I took at car shows and events and anywhere else that I
saw something that you or me might like. I have been to alot of car shows,but
didn't always bring a camera. I posted alot of my personal pictures here and will
be adding more as i see fit! Most are high resolution for your enjoyment!
69 Camaro 123679n691989
model A for sale
67 camaro
nova shortened 4 door nova
skull car at syracuse Nationals
Ford 4x4 at Putnam car show
69 Camaro 123679n691989 x11 6 cylinder Camaro
Model a Shay for sale
huge ford 4x4
Skull car At Syracuse N Y Nationals
superbird roadrunner superbird
68 camaro
69 Camaro x11 style trim on 6 cylinder I have dealer invoice
for sale 508 987 5954
68 camaro
True flames on tri-five Chevy
huge Ford 4 by 4
Firebird show Larz Anderson museum
1980 Shay Deluxe for Sale 11,500 or best 508 987 5954 Worcester mass
67 Camaro World of Wheels Boston
69 Pontiac Firebird webster mass car Show
Ford 4x4 at Putnam Connecticut Show 2010
My Firebird before the Mill fire damage
Model A replica by Shay for sale
68 Camaro at cardis Warwick R I
69 Firebird Convertible
beautiful Phaeton at Cardis cruise night
s10 slammed
my 69 Firebird
Shay model  A Roadster for sale Massachusetts 508 987 5954
Nova at Worcester Summer Nationals 2010
Phaeton picture
S10 with flames
picture of picture of my 69 Firebird at Worcester summer Nationals
Shay replica of 28 Ford model A
91 Camaro?
69 Black Firebird Worcester
37? Chevy
el Camino was for sale in N H
Sue and the firebird in the burnout line at worcester summer nats
model a shay at johnston R I car show
70's Camaro
69 pontiac Firebird
flathead six
El Camino was for sale in N H
house next door that burned from mill fire 1/2 mile away
late 1920s early 30s  cars
68 Camaro
Ac Cobra 427 real!
flathead six in 37? chevy
Rat Rod
Wher the Fire Firebird was parked
model A replica not a kit car for sale
69 Camaro 1969 Camaro
real 427 cobra interior
37? chevy flathead engine
Ford 4x4 dually with lift kit
Bricks from the chimney went through convertible top
Green hill park worcester car show 28 Ford model A for sale
Camaro with Blower
Newer Mustang at Commerce Insurance car show
37? chevy interior
Huge Ford dually
Area was evacuated for fire and I returned next day to this
petes model a replica by Shay
this Camaro is Badass
Mopar convertible at Summer Nationals
Nice Ride!
Huge dually
How would you like to come home to this?
Shay roadster 28 Ford Replica for sale
Camaro at Stop and Shop cruise night
6? Chevy impala or biscayne
old pickup
more huge dually
$15,000 in damage and Nautilus Insurance would not pay for this
28 ford model A for sale
Camaro at Putnam Cruise
57 Chevy
Dodge bros Phaeton at Worcester
69 Firebird damage from Churchill and Banks Pawtucket Mill Fire
Pete sleeping next to 28 Ford
ford fix or repair daily
Steel truck at Syracuse Nationals 2010
nautilus insurance would not pay
35th anniversary Trans Am pace car
BADASS PICKUP at Worcester Summer Natrionals 2010
69 Firebird damages
69 firebird and 32 phaeton?
69 Camaro Saved from the grave
69 Firebird 350HO 4-speed car
2 fre firebird
Pete next to a beautiful Phaeton
7? Camaro
I say that Nautilus Insurance the mill owners insurance
This is how we watch the Patriots and NHRA
9 ? Camaro
Mill Fire Victim - Who's paying me for this
This is how we watch NHRA and Football games
69 camaro RS
Pawtucket mill fire Victim $15,000 in damage
69 camaro western Mass
69 camaro Western Mass show
Terrys 37 pickup for sale
69 camaro at western mass car show
69 camaro custom interior
Keith, Dave and Pete next to Model A
69 camaro custom trunk
Ford fix or repair daily
Cummings Diesel model made of wood
Ford -Found On Roadside Dead
69 Camaro rear shot with billet taillights
2 fire firebird interior
camaro at Foxboro cruise
Diesel motor wooden sculpture
Englishtown starting line
69 Camaro at Foxboro
Nova with stingray hood at Putnam Ct car Show
wood models Diesel trucks
Funny car being unloaded
Camaro at Bass Pro Shop Cruise night Patriots Stadium
68 or 69 Chevy at Putnam Connecticut main Street Cruise.
wood model diesel repair shop
2 fire firebird
2 camaros Patriots cruise night
Foxboro final cruise 2010
72 Camaro
68 camaro
Daves v8 1991 Chevy S10
02 camaro convertible
2010 henessey Camaro
2010 Henessey camaro front
2010 Camaro
2010 Chevy camaro
69  black Camaro black houndstooth
69 COCO Camaro
69 camaro Boston Car show
69 Camaro
69 Camaro custom digital interior
91 Rs z28 camaro
91 Rs camaro
2002 camaro in Attleboro
2002 Camaro in Attleboro
86 Camaro 454 from Ciscos Performance
86 Camaro big block Chevy From Ciscos performance
69 camaro Pace Car z11
Z11 pace car
2010 camaro at Putnam Ct car show 2010
2010 Camaro custom 2tone
68 camaro
67 Camaro
77 camaro
Camaro tail panel view if racing a Camaro
68 camaro
90 camaro
68 camaro
1928 model A for sale 508 987 5954 $10,500 christmass special
petes 28 model a shay for sale and Terrys 37 rat rod pickup truck for sale
Petes old 32 confederate chevy
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AAR NEON badass and done by a girl at New England Tech
Badass Neon AAR themed
Holeshot drag racing may 10 2011 first of year at Thompson Connecticut
HDRA Thompson 5-10-2011 holeshot drag racing
Nissan Skyline
69  yenko Camaro
Putnam Saturday Cruise 5-21-2011
Skull Car
Skull and bones car
t-bucket at tri state cruisers cruise night with Dianne Pete Sue and Sarah
69 Camaro pace car at sams club cruise night
2 fire firebird
T buckets at Cumberland cruise night 2013
Summer nationals at Thompson speedway 2013
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my black 69 firebird convertible
New england summer nationals some years ago
53 chevy pickup slammed with ls6 engine
ls6 in 53 chevy
LS6 in 1953 chevy truck
Monte Carlo convertible